Virtual Phone Numbers

A single number to track all your business calls

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Choose the perfect number for your area. Promote your business in any town or city across India.

How it works

We will provide you a mobile number which you can share with your customers; it will also help you in SMS campaigning for getting responses. Our systems are able to identify individual telephone lines coming into our call centre, so in order for our service to work, we give our clients their own unique virtual reception telephone number to divert their business lines to us. This means that our service is always available to our clients and their calls will always be answered as they request whether we receive one call a week or one hundred calls a day for them.
Some clients use us as a call overflow service, others to answer all their calls- as you have control over your divert, it really is up to you how little or how much you use your virtual receptionists. The service is extremely flexible and your instructions on how we are to handle your calls can be updated weekly, daily or hourly.

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Benefits of our Virtual Number

  • Increase business marketing efforts
  • Drive business leads
  • Boost customer & sales leads
  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize ROI
  • Grow business

Advantages Of a Virtual Number

Change the way you communicate with your customers

Virtual Number Service

All your customer information and conversations are routed through one number

Features like IVR help you give you customers a unique experience
Handle multiple calls at the same time, track conversations, work more efficiently
Pay as you go, and scale as you grow
Get a single business number for your business and track all the calls on that number and get a detailed analysis of your business call volume.

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